I love finding unique photo products and especially ones that are super easy to order and are not only great for me but also as gifts for the grandparents.

I LOVE this mini 365 calendar from Social Print Studio. The quality is fantastic.The paper is quite thick and I love that I can use a different image on each date.

The best part is getting to rip off a different memory every day. It’s always a joy to look back and see what a difference a year makes.

We have been saving the pages that have been ripped off and plan to use them in some kind of project or craft.

Print studio has a phone App which makes it super easy to order directly from your phone or your Instagram account. You can also order on their website if you prefer to use a desktop.

The cost is $40 US for one calendar. Hopefully by the end of the year, our Canadian dollar will be stronger than it is at the moment:(

I would definitely recommend this product, you’ll love it!

Do you have any unique photo products that you’ve tried and loved? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below!



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