The quality of the photos that we take from our phone are really quite good and they keep getting better as technology improves. It’s to a point where for some people it’s all they use (not that I’m recommending this). The convenience of using your phone camera makes it so much easier to capture REAL moments and that’s just one of so many benefits.

If you want to improve the way your photos look, I highly recommend using an App to edit them. It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s really not and can be quite fun. The transformation from an edit can really make a photo go from average to great.

I really wanted to make this a “top 10” list but these 8 apps are really my own personal favourites. I I use half of them on a regular basis and the other half I use occasionally when I want to do something a little different.

  1. PicTapGo. This App is super fun to use, really fast and it’s easy to figure out.
  2. Snapseed. I use this App all the time. It’s my favourite because it gives me a little more control with my edits than PicTapGo offers. It takes a little loner to figure out the different areas but well worth your time if you’re more serious about editing your camera photos. Some of my favourite features include the sharpening tool (Details), Spot Repair when you need to remove small blemishes or distractions from your photos, the Brush tool to help you make edits to only certain parts of your photo, Vignette and Lens Blur to bring extra focus to your subject.
  3. PicPlayPost. I use this App from time to time to create a collage of a collection of photos that I think look great together and tell the story in one frame.
  4. Phonto. A nice little App for adding text to your photos. They have great fonts to choose from.
  5. Waterlogue. This App will turn your photos into pieces of art by converting your image to watercolor. It does such an AMAZING job. I’ve even used it to edit some of my SLR photos and have printed them on watercolor paper and it looked really great! I will try to remember to write a blog on this and show you how the prints turned out.
  6. Instagram. Instagram is a great way to document your life and it even offers great editing tools so that you only need one App to do it all. I’ve been using Instagram for a while now. I started off with a public account and decided to make it private because I felt that having it public held me back from documenting freely. I wanted the freedom to post whatever I wanted without judgement from others. I think people tend to get annoyed when you brag and talk about your children at length. Going private has encouraged me to document more of my life and my thoughts. I do share some of my Instagram photos on Facebook so it gives me a chance to share the stuff I’m more comfortable putting out there.
  7. Artifact Uprising. Great place to print your photos and make small photo albums right on your phone. You can connect directly to your Instagram account and everything is made so easy for you. I love it when making albums is this easy! One big bonus about these guys is that their albums will pull your captions from Instagram into the album. So you not only have your images on print but also the captions you documented to go along with the visual.
  8. Print Studio. Another great little print shop with an App that lets you do everything over your phone. I’ve ordered albums, square prints, magnets, large format and their display product and loved every single product.

Do you have any personal favourites that aren’t on this list? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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