Hi! I’m Jessica.

My eye loves to capture simple moments of joy, expressions that are honest and beautiful, stories of real life, loving connections and the things and people you are passionate about.

My goal is to always portray people and relationships as honestly as I can.

I want you to feel beautiful in your photographs, but I don’t promise perfection. I’m not interested in posing you for five minutes to create a perfect portrait for the camera. I’m more interested in capturing simple moments that go beyond expressing what you look like.

I’m unhappy with anything that looks too stiff, unnatural and awkward.

At the moment, I prefer to keep my mind open to what I choose to photograph. I realize that focusing on one area is a sure way to specialize and grow your skills. However, my approach to how I capture I think works not just within childhood and family but is also relevant in wedding photography, event photography and even capturing the story of a business through commercial photography.

I have a hard time talking about myself on a personal level. I’m more comfortable expressing myself through images than words. I’m a thinker and problem solver. I’m a knowledge seeker. I want to be more adventurous and more courageous, especially with my kids. I love good food. I love music. I love my family and kids. It’s not a perfect family but we love each other fiercely and we shake off the negative energy with music, dancing and A LOT of singing:)

I love good advice and hearing things that inspire me and light my fire! The best piece of advice I’ve come across is:

“you can be successful in two of three areas of life. The three areas of life are your social life, your career and family life. You only have time to be successful in two of the three areas. What you have to do is choose two of the three areas where you are going to devote your time to being successful.”

I think it’s such good advice! For me, what I’ve chosen to devote my time to is Family and Career. Unfortunately my social life tends to suffer, while my family life with young kids keeps us busy. I admit that I’m not the perfect friend but am lucky to have a best friend who gets it and lives her life with the same priorities in mind.

Life is crazy beautiful. I love capturing both the Crazy and the Beautiful and everything in between.

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