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Booking Form/Agreement

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Photography Agreement | Standard Terms & Conditions

• In order to reserve Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) for your session, the primary client must complete this Agreement and pay the nonrefundable deposit of $250. By completing this form, the client agrees to be legally obligated to all the terms herein.

• Once this form is completed, and your deposit is made, pricing is guaranteed.

• Final payment is due before or on your session date.

• In the event of a cancellation of the session, the $250 deposit received shall be retained by Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) and shall be non-refundable except for clients who have booked a fall session and in the event that weather becomes an issue and we run out of opportunities to reschedule.

• If you need to reschedule your session, you are required to give Joyful Emotion 2 weeks notice. If you fail to give enough notice, a $100 fee may be added to your invoice.

• I will do my best to capture any special requests, however due to the unpredictable nature of baby and child photography, Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) does not guarantee the delivery of any requested or expected photographs.

• If you feel that the session did not go well and you are concerned that your family just had an off day and you are worried about what the images will look like, you can decide to schedule a “REDO” session. There is a fee of $250 for this and you do have to let me know that day, before any post-processing work is done. Otherwise if you wait to see the images first, full fees will apply to do a reshoot. I will almost never suggest a redo and just do my best to capture the best images possible so it is completely up to you to decide if you would like to pay the extra fee to reschedule.

• By completing this form all parties agree to and acknowledge the style of photography performed by Owner/Photographer of note.

• The client acknowledges and agrees that the style of photography provided hereunder is based on the style represented on

• Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, there are NO returns or refunds on services provided hereunder or on any albums or other items provided hereunder.

• Any and all defects in the photographs, images, files or other products provided by Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) shall be communicated within one (1) week of client’s receipt of products, failing which client shall be barred from making any claim for such defects.

• Upon delivery of the edited hi-resolution files, the client will be entirely responsible for the originals and all copies of their files and photographs and Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) shall not be required, in any event, to reproduce or replace any such files or photographs that are lost, stolen or destroyed. It is recommended to make a back up copy every five years and update the format on which the files are saved on to keep up with changes in technology.

• All digital images and other digital material are copyrighted property of Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev). It is hereby expressly agreed that unless the Client requests that all images from their session be kept private, Joyful Emotion shall have right to use such images or other material for display, publication, competition or other purposes as determined in the sole discretion of Joyful Emotion. Client’s will have full print re-production rights. Client has permission to produce copies; provided, however, that any and all copies shall only be for the private and personal use of client, in no event shall client or any other person, other than Joyful Emotion, make any copies for the purpose of sale or publication and in no event shall client or any other person, other than Joyful Emotion, sell or publish any photographs or images provided by Joyful Emotion (or any copies thereof).

• Initial album designs may take up to 4 weeks or longer to complete. Client shall email to communicate any design changes desired by client. Following this initial change request, any design changes requested by client will be charged at a rate of $50 per page/change. Each design change will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

• In no event shall Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) be liable under this Agreement for any consequential, incidental or punitive damages, or for lost profits.

• Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) shall not be liable for its delay in performing or failure to perform under this Agreement as a result of any circumstances, events or contingencies beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, fires, floods, wars, civil insurrection, sabotage, equipment or machinery breakdown, accidents, labor disputes or shortages, any governmental laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, bans, delay or inability to obtain supplies, labor, raw materials, energy, transportation, and any other similar circumstance, event or contingency. In the event that images are lost due to these kind of circumstances, Joyful Emotion will refund your investment or offer to re-shoot.

• Joyful Emotion Photography (Jessica Handjiev) will not be responsible for any injury, illness or death that may result during a session.