What impression is your business making?

We live in a visual world. Many of our first impressions are based on what we see and how that visual makes us feel. Good service doesn’t mean much to someone who has never tried your product or service.

When promoting your business, what kind of impression are you making on prospective clients? What are your current and potential customers thinking when they go through your website? Are they left with a positive impression of your brand? Were you able to make a lasting impression that they will leave and carry with them whenever they hear or think of your business?

Is your business maximizing its potential to strongly represent your company in a visual sense?

Strong visuals can have an enormous impact on your business. We live in a world where many of our first impressions are made online. Making a positive impression is important to our business success.

If you are using stock images (especially if your potential and current clients can tell they are not your own), using photos from your mobile phone or using images that don’t communicate your brand effectively you should consider investing in photography for your business.


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About Jessica

Jessica is an Edmonton-based commercial photographer. Her attention to detail, use of natural light, lines, pattern and composition set her commercial photos apart. Her goal is to create images that look interesting, feel authentic and believable, tell a story, and  are inspired from the product, service, business and brand.

She is based in Edmonton but willing to travel.

Are you looking for a photographer that will suit your commercial product photography project? If my style suits your vision, I would love to hear from you!