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Let’s briefly talk about Lifestyle photography. What is “Lifestyle” to you? To me, it’s about the way you live your life and what that looks like, especially in the places that your life is most often present, like your home. I tend not to agree with what the Internet describes Lifestyle photography as and the images it associates to the style. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a nice family portrait in a field with beautiful light, but to me that doesn’t say anything about how I live my life. It shows me with my family, perhaps doing silly things that we do with each other, laughing and enjoying being together (or not!).

In the real world, we don’t look perfect, sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. In the real world we have interests and hobbies, we have routines, we have special places we visit, or music we love to perform or dance to, parks that we visit often, sports that we enjoy, food we love to eat, rooms in our home where life happens. What does your life look and feel like at this current moment in time? I would love to help you capture your Lifestyle story.